Vendia Foods was founded in 1988.
We co-operate with several major brand suppliers and thus we can offer market-leading products in one single shipment from our inventory.
We mainly deal with products within the range of hygiene, homecare, health & beauty, confectionery, food and specialty.

Complementary to the well-known brands, we have our own brands such as the Vendia Series and Kullagården.
In addition to our standard range of renowned brands and “Fighting brands” we always have a wide selection of offers and parallel imports.

We keep our products in stock and deliver them from our central warehouse in Hässleholm. If possible we also arrange direct deliveries to customers all over Sweden and Europe.

In the catering field we produce private labels for some of the major companies in Sweden.

We are a happy crew who with combined expertise always endeavour to deliver the best service and quality possible.
Our contact details can be found here.

It is our goal to be the brand supplier with the best options!
Welcome to Vendia!